Washington, DC, September 21, 2021 — Creative Salon — Hard Knock Productions and Social Innovation Ventures hosted a gathering of creatives to share art and discuss social impact. Visual artists and vocal artists came together to share their work and discuss impact of influential social issues on their art.

Larry B. Quick
Loring Cornish
Don’ye Harmon
Cha Cha
Zach Yamin, Aaron Smolin, Olavi Takala


Produced by Andrey Ostrovsky, Larissa D’Andrea and Kimberly Selden. Host and thought leader Kimberly Selden.

Social Innovation Ventures
Invests in transformative founders to accelerate equity, and in creative artists that promote diversity.

Hard Knock Productions
Social impact production company focused on developing unique stories to increase the visibility of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and people with disabilities, and we leverage these stories to educate others and advocate for marginalized communities through partnerships with non-profit organizations.