Art into Activism

Art is a powerful medium that can educate and inspire positive sustainable social impact.

Art into Activism is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion of underserved and marginalized persons and communities, encourages environmental sustainability, and supports art that promotes positive social impact.

Larissa D’Andrea – Founder and Board Chair


Larissa believes in the power of art to educate and inspire positive social impact. Art into Activism was founded in 2021 to support diversity, equity, and inclusion of underserved and marginalized persons and communities, while encouraging environmental sustainability.

Throughout Larissa’s career she has held a variety of leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies to enable research, development, market approval and commercialization of medical and digital technology. With a passion for art and entertainment, she founded Hard Knock Productions LLC, a social impact organization in 2020 with a focus on investing in art that inspires activism. She partners with like-minded organizations, artists and associations to create a positive, inclusive, and innovative environment; and we advocate for our community in order to develop the next generation of independent artists, musicians, and filmmakers.

Larissa received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California, San Diego and a Master of Science in Legal Studies from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Christopher Bradsher, Director


With over two decades of working with at-risk youth, Christopher brings a wealth of experience in engaging with community-based organizations and non-profits for positive social impact. He has worked directly with individuals and groups to provide crisis intervention support to facilitating daily routine in residential programs. He is passion about building inclusive, supportive, and equity-based community programs.

Sterling Duval Bax, Director


Well-versed in an array of media and art forms, Sterling brings creative iron to the forge of social impact. With over 10 years of experience in music, writing, film, television, and event production, Sterling knows how to actualize a creative project and deliver it via the most impactful avenue and audience.

Working with non-profits and managing corporate citizenship for a Fortune 500 company, Sterling also understands what it takes to challenge the status quo and integrate new ways of being and alternative thinking into traditional structures. Social impact is about taking critical steps towards creating a better existence for all beings, and Sterling’s vision is to bring that into each aspect of production. Sterling received her Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, with a minor in Editing & Publishing.

Gregory Douglass, Director


Gregory was born and raised in rural Vermont. A self-taught singer, songwriter/composer, Gregory has been managing his own music career and inspiring audiences for two decades now. He’s an internationally acclaimed recording artist, public speaker, creative business coach, songwriting teacher. Gregory has taught hundreds of songwriting students the art of his signature Intuitive Songwriting process.

Gregory wants a better world for the future sustainability of independent music. His album My Hero, The Enemy speaks directly to this crucial paradigm which Gregory describes as “The blessing and the curse of creativity in the age of information.” Gregory explains, “It’s also an ode to the dichotomy of being a creative person in the digital age.”  Gregory’s song “Alibis” was featured in season one of Netflix original series The Rain in 2019, which sparked a fast-growing international following of his music. Gregory has shared the stage with artists including Jason Mraz, They Might Be Giants, Regina Spektor, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, and Anais Mitchell, among others.

Glen Nadeau, Director


Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 1979, Glen is the youngest of two children from an incredibly supportive English and French-Canadian family. After receiving a degree in public relations from Champlain College, Glen soon realized that visual art was a better fit.

Inspiration first called when he came face to face with blank apartment walls that reached as high as his cathedral ceilings stood. He knew something had to be done, so he picked up a paintbrush and found himself submerged in geometric shapes.

Glen takes a minimalist approach to his pieces and focuses on negative space, encouraging the viewer to personalize each piece with their own experience. For his latest show, Glen chose to dedicate each piece to the women of the 1920’s. Many female names from that era are making a popular resurgence today and Glen feels they perfectly represent both the modern and classic aspects of his newest paintings.

Sophia Culpepper, Director


Owner of Black&Grey Atelier, a love letter to the tattoo industry and its fine collectors.  They have elevated (or) enhanced the studio experience in ways unexpected in order to showcase our immense gratitude and fully immerse you into our world. They embrace the bold, eccentric, weird, and queer.  The inner artist and creator that every person houses. They celebrate contrast, individuality and each person’s want to be exactly who they are. 

Her newest creation, The Drawing Room, is an opportunity to engage with the community in new, innovative, and creative ways.