Artist Spotlight

Artists have unique tools to create experiences that can educate and inspire positive sustainable social impact.

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Kelsey Al-Ghetta

Kelsey is a surrealist artist raised throughout the western United States. She currently resides in Joshua Tree, California where she has found inspiration for her works among the native flora and fauna. Her vision is to bring beauty to the bizarre as often times her subjects contain dreamlike elements juxtaposed to the harsher entities of the natural world. By utilizing techniques such as pointillism, she is able to capture the sensitivity of the spiritual and intimidation of the natural t hat come together into a fantastic blend setting a cryptic tone meant to enlighten and captivate viewer.

Gregory Douglass

Gregory was born and raised in rural Vermont. He’s a self-taught painter, pianist, guitarist, vocalist & songwriter/composer. His evocative pop sound blends “Rufus Wainwright’s opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake’s accessible soulfulness” (OUT Magazine). NPR’s Morning Edition has coined him “one of New England’s best-kept secrets.”

An internationally acclaimed recording artist, songwriting teacher, public speaker, and creative business coach, Gregory has been managing his own music career and inspiring audiences for two decades now. He’s taught hundreds of songwriting students the art of his signature Intuitive Songwriting process, and his inspirational articles have been featured on Mike Dooly’s blog, NationWide Disc’s Source, and PledgeMusic.

Glen Nadeau

Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 1979, Glen received a degree in public relations from Champlain College, but soon realized that visual art was a better fit. Inspiration first called when he came face to face with blank apartment walls that reached as high as his cathedral ceilings stood. He knew something had to be done, so he picked up a paintbrush and found himself submerged in geometric shapes.

Glen takes a minimalist approach to his pieces and focuses on negative space, encouraging the viewer to personalize each piece with their own experience. For his latest show, Glen chose to dedicate each piece to the women of the 1920’s. Many female names from that era are making a popular resurgence today and Glen feels they perfectly represent both the modern and classic aspects of his newest paintings.