Black&Grey Atelier Partnership

Art into Activism has partnered with Black&Grey Atelier to support the San Diego community by investing in other nonprofits and local programs that align with our collective mission. Both organizations believe firmly that supporting independent creative expression in all forms can educate and inspire positive sustainable social impact.

Through this partnership, together we will support our community by spotlighting and fundraising for San Diego organizations, independent artists, and programs.

We are just beginning our journey together and we want to hear from you about amazing programs, organizations, and independent art communities that we can support. 

Join us for dinner at the Drawing Room with Black&Grey Atelier! Each dinner will donate a percentage of the proceeds to local San Diego community organizations, independent artists, and programs that support expression through the arts that educate and inspire positive sustainable impact.
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Introducing the most unique event space in the city, located in the heart of East Village, downtown San Diego.  This 1,500 sqft venue is an immersive fusion of rebel arts and vintage charm, exuding a distinctive lounge ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

The art-infused atmosphere creates a visually stunning backdrop, inspiring conversation and creativity. With its spacious layout, B&G can comfortably accommodate your guests while maintaining an intimate and cozy ambiance. The carefully curated artwork enhances the overall aesthetic, adding the right touch of luxurious edge to any occasion.

In addition to its visual appeal, this event space offers modern amenities and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience. The well-equipped kitchen allows for numerous catering options, while the 20 foot glowing bar serves as a stunning focal point for socializing and enjoying handcrafted cocktails. This venue is also the only one in existence to be able to offer the addition of in-house tattoo services to nearly any event.

Located in the vibrant Idea district of the East Village neighborhood, this venue is conveniently situated near hotels, numerous transportation options, as well as being minutes from the airport, making it easily accessible for your guests. With its unique blend of artistry, functionality, and prime location, this event space is the ideal choice for creating unforgettable memories and hosting a truly extraordinary event.